"Swarm" Nordnorsk kunstnersenter, Svolvær, Norway
Jan Hakon Erichsen & Robert Johansson: "Swarm",  04 Sept .2013 - 29 Sept 2013
Since their time at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, Robert Johansson and Jan Hakon Erichsen have collaborated on several occasions. Key words such as humor in combination with darkness and aggression are apt descriptions of the duos projects. Nordic fauna has been a field of interest for both artists for some time, and for the exhibition at the North Norwegian Art Center, animal architecture was been the foundation for the larger, site specific sculpture "Maurtue". The installation was an attempt to reconstruct an ant hill using materials found in the vicinity. The exhibition also included several independent works of sculptures, prints and video.
Robert Johansson and Jan Hakon Erichsen have previously exhibited their work at Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art (2010), the Art Center in Møre and Romsdal (2010) and Tromsø Centre for Contemporary Art (2009).
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